Third world countries or developing countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Afghanistan are places with some of the worst medical cares, poverty,and starvation. A lot needed to do, so here are some of the most important services that are being provided in these countries.


These countries have people busy trying to survive and that makes education a luxury. However, we all know how tight the relation is between education and lifestyle improvement. It’s a vicious cycle that won’t stop unless someone interferes. Organizations like UNICEF are working hard in ensuring that people in these countries still receive the mandatory education they need. For example, improving the number of literate people in these countries.


Survival is the priority of some of these people, but doctors are not always available and even if they do, they are not always equipped with the necessary tools. Many are not properly taught in many things and medical procedures often skip some steps. Some of these people do not even know basic sanitation principles such as washing your hands before meals and after dealing with manure.

Woman equalization

Many third world countries still keep patriarchal culture that also tends to disregard the importance of women. Women are also often forbidden to engage in activities we enjoy daily: conversing with men, going to school, go out without having to cover everything except your eyes. Women often fall victim to trafficking and forced prostitution while their voices are not heard in political talks or other similarly important positions.


Being poor and not given any chance to work and earn enough money, these people often have a problem finding a place to stay. Many third world countries have people living in houses that are not fulfilling the basic human rights developed countries have.