It’s really heartwarming to see that there are many organizations out there available for people to donate. And many of these organizations are dedicated to something: animal abuse, human trafficking, women issues, etc. These are the fivebest-rated charities in the world.


This is a charity under the Give Well list that focuses on providing money directly to people in need. Money donated will immediately enter their bank account to pay for school fees and other necessities. So far, the charity is available for people in Kenya and Uganda and has been helping many people not just financially, but also psychologically boost their moods.

Direct Relief

The humanitarian organization focuses on providing aids to the community regardless of their background status. Direct Relief exists in 80 different states. They are also known to be very transparent about where your donations go.

Animal Welfare Institute

Animals don’t have the power to speak up, so this organization is determined ‘to alleviate the suffering of animals caused by people’. The institute helps animals of various origins and size; from human companions to livestock. The organization is also focused on rescuing marine life and protect wildlife and seek to provide better treatment to these animals.

United Nations Foundation

One of the biggest world organization that is focused on providing relief and aid as soon as disaster strikes are the UN Foundation. The organization basically seeks to create a better world, providing support in humanitarian issues in general and women in particular fights poverty and seek ways to reach energy sustainability.

Rotary Foundation

Another humanitarian focused foundation that seeks to solve the most basic problems that hit people across the world. The organization has over 1.2 million members from 200 countries and have successful programs, such as PolioPlus.