Doing a goodthing is something that we all strive to do, but some of us are not sure where exactly we want to deliver our help to. The channels are there, in fact, there are too many channels available that you don’t know where to start!

“Hungry African Kids”

A lot of people like to use hungry African kids as a reason to donate and that makes people think that the only good thing you can do for the world is to donate for hungry African kids. That is one way to do good, but that is not the only one because every living being in this world deserves help. Start with something that touches your heart recently. Was there a recent story that inspired you to do a good thing? Is there something you love to do in life? Find something similar to help others be able to do what they love, too!

Do your research

Once you know where you want to donate, it’s time to look up for charities that move in that direction. It’s true that there are many well-established organizations that are already moving in that field, but more new NGOs are also popping up for their own reason, usually closing the gap that other organizations could not.

Make sure that you also do research on the transparency of the donations that go in and spent. The organization should also be clear regarding its taxation and whether anyone is paid during the process. This way you make sure that you know what you are donating for and actually feel good about it.

Ask around

It is also wise to discuss with others regarding the organizations that you are considering. Find forums or friends who are also donating to the same charity. Keep up with the news regarding the organization.