Finding Charities that Offer Non-Profit Dental Work

Taking care of your teeth is not just about looking good. Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for several reasons. On the one hand, a person’s physical wellness is achieved. Plus, they can obtain a higher degree of confidence and self-esteem. To make oral hygiene even more critical, new studies are showing how vital it is. They point to research which shows men and women who lack proper oral care, are susceptible to fertility problems.


The issue for most people is not only about being able to go to their local dentist and getting the work done. Many have little to no medical insurance. Whenever that happens, the only option is paying for it yourself. Since dental care can be costly, that is often a non-starter for most. But all is not lost since there are several alternatives for people. They can find programs or clinics which offer free dental care. These are carried out by non-profit charities and other organizations.

Community Health Facilities – While they are not always completely free, in many cases they are low cost. Either way, community health care centers are an ideal option for low-income people. The facilities are funded federally and are all over the USA. To find one near you, check online through the US Department of Health and Human Services.

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation – This foundation is also known as America’s Tooth Fairy. They provide millions of children all over the USA with access to oral care. Very original program for parents of children who lack funds or dental health coverage. Find their website online to locate a clinic near you.

Contact Your Local Dental Association – Obtaining complimentary oral care can be done by getting in touch with your local dental association. They can get you access to free dental care. Also, the dental work is of high quality. Finding volunteer dentists working in free clinics is easy. The dental association website can pinpoint you directly to one of them.

Universities Near You – For low-income families that cannot afford dental work, there are universities near them which can help. They offer low cost or free access to dental care. Some of them include Marquette University, Berkeley University, University of Minnesota Dental School and UAB School of Dentistry. There are several others you can find online, depending on where you live.

Foundation For Health Coverage Education – Visiting this website will allow you to find tons of resources. On top of which, there are government resources and programs in your particular state.

Free Dental Clinics – All it takes is entering your ZIP code in the website. Doing so will render results for several free dental clinics right where you live. They have phone numbers available as well as other info. More than enough to get you in touch with a dentist that can provide free dental work.

Other Resources

People interested in obtaining free dental care have other options in addition to the ones aforementioned. There are hospital clinics, stand-alone clinics, Mobile oral care facilities, communities’ partners and school-based dental programs. Any of them are perfect for aiding you or your family in all your oral health care issues.